Quick Facts

  • Jewelers use all types of Gemstones to create:
    Amulets, Earrings, Rings & Upgrade Components
  • Jewelers cannot create Iron Ingot[s]


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jewelerA jeweler may craft jewelry: notably rings, earrings, and necklaces. A jeweler can craft items useful to all professions.

Jeweler has a few recipes that use Iron Ingot[s], but Jeweler cannot make them. If you want to be self-sufficient, this makes Artificer, Armorsmith, or Weaponsmith an excellent pairing with Jeweler. Of course, you can always just make them on an alt, get them from a friend, or buy them from the Trading Post.

TierSoft MetalDust
ICopper Ingot[s]Pile[s] of Glittering Dust
IISilver Ingot[s]Pile[s] of Shimmering Dust
IIIGold Ingot[s]Pile[s] of Radiant Dust
IVPlatinum Ingot[s]Pile[s] of Luminous Dust
VMithril Ingot[s]Pile[s] of Incandescent Dust
VIOrichalcum Ingot[s]Pile[s] of Crystalline Dust

GemstoneCond DmgCrit DmgHealingMagic FindPrecisionPowerToughnessVitality
One Stat
Amber Pebble[s]tick
Garnet Pebble[s] tick
Malachite Pebble[s] tick
Pearl[s] tick
Tiger's Eye Pebble[s] tick
Turquoise Pebble[s] tick
Two Stats
Amethyst Nugget[s] tick tick
Carnelian Nugget[s] ticktick
Lapis Nugget[s] ticktick
Peridot Nugget[s] tick tick
Spinel Nugget[s] tick tick
Sunstone Nugget[s] tick tick
Topaz Nugget[s]tick tick
Three Stats
Beryl Shard[s] tick tick tick
Chrysocola Shard[s]tick tick tick
Coral Chunk[s]tick ticktick
Emerald Shard[s] tickticktick
Opal Shard[s] tickticktick
Ruby Shard[s] tick ticktick
Sapphire Shard[s] tick ticktick

The table, above, lists the lowest level version of each stone. of course, the higher the level and quality of a gem the higher the stats will be but they will always be the same stats. Three-Stat gems are crafted by combining one or more lesser stones and a Dust.


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By Sjalistra at 2012-12-31 12:37:33
If you level ANY proffesion - keep in mind that the most important thing is discovery. Don't make loads of helmet frames, just combine stuff and don't fear to do it! It's the most common mistake by beginner crafters to waste materials on stuff they won't use. In addition, try to make each new recipe only once - it will grant you tons of crafting exp.
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