Skill Calculator

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General Usage

  • Selecting a profession - Easily select a profession' skill calc by choosing from the profession icon at the top, or from the dropdown menu.
  • Selecting a weapon(s) - Select the box labeled "Main Hand" to select your main hand weapon. Same process can also be applied to OFf Hand and Aquatic weapons.
  • Adding skills - To add skills simply click the appropriate slot and select your skill.
  • Adding Traits - To add Traits to your build select the trait you want and it will automatically add the points, otherwise clicking the plus sign will add individual points to the trait line.
  • Linking to a build - Simply copy the auto-updating URL from your browser's address bar or use the Link button on the right side of the calculator.

Tools + Options

  • Reset - Resets all skills across all parts of the calculator.
  • Lock / Unlock - Locks or unlocks the build, preventing (or allowing) changes to be made. Linking to a build will automatically lock talents.
  • Link - Locks your chosen talents and creates a link to your build. Use this option to easily create a URL to share your build with others!

Useful Tips

  • When the calculator is locked, you can click skills and traits to view their corresponding skill or trait page.