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Guildhead launches 3D Model ViewerShould be live. Please link me where it's not.Calthine2014-03-13 16:39:38
Guildhead launches 3D Model Viewerwhen will the viewer comeaaanimals2222014-03-13 00:47:58
What's your rig/video settings and how does GW2 run for you?My Gaming Rig is running good with this game. No problem at all.bmgp7782014-02-10 07:47:51
One easy puzzle jumpI do looking for it ;)bmgp7782014-02-10 07:43:55
Guildhead launches 3D Model Viewerrhrayhan, where is it not working? Please post a link or two.Calthine2014-01-14 17:13:48
Guildhead launches 3D Model ViewerWow. It seems very good. But if could be better if worked with weapons.rhrayhan2014-01-12 06:50:09
ScreenshotsScreenshots should be better. We did lose a few while they were down, but you can start uploading…Calthine2013-09-25 17:30:42
One easy puzzle jumpWhere is the puzzle? O.o kinda new :pFackaria2013-09-20 11:48:12
How to play Wizard of Oz (Over the Rainbow) in GW2I did it too because it really is a lovely melody......... Robot VacuumAlanbrad2013-09-03 04:42:37
GW2 vs. WoWRuneScapeis a game company, Jagdish Fox Game Studios massively multiplayer online role-playing…zysellgw22013-08-29 06:51:18
Updated for 7-9-13 patchI think we've got a fix in the works for that. Please hold.Calthine2013-07-22 17:46:55
Updated for 7-9-13 patchThank you for the update!One thing I noticed, the revamped Chaotic Interruption and Bountiful…Carighan2013-07-22 12:07:29
ScreenshotsWe have not resolved the screenshot problem yet. Use the "Feeback" function (upper…Calthine2013-07-21 21:01:54
contributions to guildheadKeep those comments coming, guys. I just added about 6 comments in the last 24 hours or so. I…Hairband2013-07-21 17:59:20
ScreenshotsScreenshots are still not up. I cannot upload one and I receive a weird cartoon saying…Hairband2013-07-21 17:41:22
Skill Calculator not loadingIs this still a problem for you?Calthine2013-07-10 16:27:27
GW2 Updates 25 Jun 2013This site seems kind of dead to be honest which is unfortunate, if you're looking for alternatives…wFPwnz2013-06-26 17:40:56
Question aboute missing items.Okay well this is dated last year and the Fractal Capacitors are still not on there and the few…AkageNanashi2013-06-25 09:09:00
appThanks, this looks nice. umeed2013-06-17 16:58:40
appWell if you need a dating app then give this a whirl:…imaeema2013-06-17 11:00:15
Mystical Weapon - Gold farming optimisationThank for your sharing, it's useful and I will try it later. By the way, have you finished all the…millian2013-06-03 02:40:30
Finding "Cinematic Weapon Short Bow Longface"? points out strengthen security? has hacked for two times,…lindachx2013-05-29 03:28:22
Is there still active development going on?I don't think so. I don't see any content-updates going on, either.Carighan2013-05-16 11:49:24
GW2 vs. WoWThe whole concept is casual play - even though you don't pay a sub - the sane "You get what…Gidea2013-04-28 22:52:42
Missing Screenshots screenshot is not visible. I wanted to add new…valkiria2013-04-25 17:14:05
contributions to guildheadIs there any possibility to add new NPC's to Guildhead by myself? For example:…valkiria2013-04-23 15:22:31
What's your rig/video settings and how does GW2 run for you?CPU : 6300 6 core @4.5Ghz Mobo: ASrock Extreme 3 Ram: Gskill DDR3 1333 7-7-7-21 Video Card: HIS…cheezy2013-04-08 05:38:43
GW2 vs. WoWHey, I am an ex WoW player and actually I just signed up to guildhead to reply to your post I was…ZenOfChaos2013-03-30 05:40:12
Ranger Pets have been added to the map!all three markers in drednaught cliffs are incorrect. is there any way we can update this map for…zzaxy2013-03-03 10:51:17
Bludwyng's Helpful HintsMany items that are not Junk but are not worth much are labeled "Salvage Item". This does…zzaxy2013-03-03 10:40:27
Usefull Items of GW2 #5 Charr's mineThat's so easy to understand I think, you got the map location, vendor location ans visual effect :)Kazham2013-02-10 11:05:16
Usefull Items of GW2 #5 Charr's mineYou might want to mention in your post that the video is in French. >.<GRiM2013-02-08 10:33:00
What id like to see from the Skill Calculator.Bookmarking the page is the only way.fewyn2013-01-31 16:01:06
What id like to see from the Skill Calculator.I'm new, so maybe I've missed it, but is there a way to even save your builds other than copying…Huntyre2013-01-31 13:28:52
Help me identify Shoulder ArmorThat would be tier-2 human cultural armor.LeftStep2013-01-25 01:05:55
Guild Wars 2 New Reward SystemYep. Came here to post about the same thing. I prefer reading it though, as…lankybrit2013-01-15 15:04:04
WoW RPer looking for same in GW2Lack of the emotes kinda makes me a sad roleplayerSjalistra2013-01-01 15:04:36
Screen Tearing Use the 9/1/2012 choose whatever link works for you.Venomancer2013-01-01 12:07:32
Screen TearingAh dude what you haven't done was downgraded to the previous driver which seemed to work on my…Venomancer2013-01-01 12:04:06
When will Guildhead be upgraded?I wish they're going to finish everything soon to make it look more like a wowhead. I posted some…Sjalistra2012-12-31 17:28:25
A couple of questionsQuestion Regarding minerals that only can be destroyed instead of salvaged why bother if you can't…PaulThorsen2012-12-29 12:22:11
Guildhead traffic.I have to agree with admielke. I'll show up about once a month see if there are improvements but…vortigern2012-12-18 10:53:32
Red Items - Gift[s] TooltipsIt appears that the issue is because you have styles on your site targeting .gh-q. If you…Jerek2012-12-14 12:53:59
Red Items - Gift[s] TooltipsNon-permanent testaccount: User: Testuser PW: Testuser12Circula OrionisMy css: CSSNeverlands2012-12-14 12:44:13
Red Items - Gift[s] TooltipsCan you link us an example page where this issue is happening?Jerek2012-12-14 11:47:22
[Video] New map, new farming spotThis is the 2nd spot : EnjoyKazham2012-12-13 10:37:48
Collecting DyesMy tip would be just leave them has Unidentified Dyes till you get back to town then open them all…GW2GoldRich2012-12-09 02:28:48
Collecting DyesI guess you didn't read the post further down that explained why they aren't being put in the…Raidfreak2012-12-07 10:06:51
Mesmer help?I would suggest visiting the Mesmer forums on luck.Cheers.lankybrit2012-11-28 13:19:56
Collecting DyesPut them in your Bank. What's so difficult?Collectibles panel is for collectibles, your bank is for…lankybrit2012-11-28 13:04:21