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April 15 UpdateWe're working on it :) Calthine2014-04-16 00:18:51
Hidden mini pet (Tequatl's ascend)Don't forget, if you like to collect mini pets, a hidden and exlclusive mini pet exist during the…Kazham2013-09-25 12:29:13
Search errorsWe fixed several issues with site search today. If you use the search and get an error page, would…Calthine2013-09-21 01:39:47
One easy puzzle jumpThis one is very easy and speed to clear, really nice for your monthly achievement !Fast puzzleKazham2013-09-17 15:21:13
Map giving errorYes, it's broken. I've a ticket in on it! Calthine2013-09-16 19:14:37
Bunker gardian sPvP buildHi folks,This is my version of bunker gardian on sPvPKazham2013-09-09 15:49:45
I bring Buy Diablo 3 Gold around the houseI bring Buy Diablo 3 Gold around the house nd they fashion right up... They are so fuzzy and…zysellgw22013-08-29 06:53:40
GW2, 1 year !Guild wars 2 is now 1 year old, have you received your gift ?…Kazham2013-08-26 12:50:21
How to play Wizard of Oz (Over the Rainbow) in GW2Hi everyone,I would like to share with you one of a famous song : The Wizard Of Oz Theme (Over the…Kazham2013-08-17 14:03:30
Welcome the lastest ZAM site: XIVDB.comWe are ROCKING for FFXIV A Realm Reborn. 02:47:38
Subzones for zones on the map, could we have them broken down a bit. Thanks.It would be cool to have links to the subzones in each area. That way you could not just type in a…Hairband2013-08-14 21:58:17
I'am not a ninja turtle !It's just a bug ! VideoKazham2013-08-14 18:06:23
Playing La Marseillaise on GW2Hy there,French people have an anthem too, so learn to play La Marseillaise in GW2 !Kazham2013-07-29 15:30:32
Updated for 7-23-13 patchData is in. We have hit some bobbles in the application of fixes for previously mentioned issues,…Calthine2013-07-25 19:06:46
Longest Dive Ever ?Is this spot the longuest dive ever in Guild Wars 2 ?Kazham2013-07-25 15:56:35
Is my CM Crazy ?That is a short clip of a live WwW action with a ... nerveous commander !Kazham2013-07-23 16:30:11
Zone - Shiverpeak Mountains - Wayfarer Foothills links to another zone++ info in that link doesn't relate…Hairband2013-07-21 18:03:19
Zelda Theme on Guild Wars 2Bring your flute and play it :Zelda Theme on Guild Wars 2Kazham2013-07-20 10:07:06
Playing Star Wars Theme in Guild Wars 2 !Bring your flute and play it !Star Wars Theme in GW2Kazham2013-07-17 19:32:57
WTF IT's My Kite !!Not yours !Kazham2013-07-16 16:25:42
Talking About 4 Winds Patch4 Winds Patch is now live, what the news ? What the rewards ? What do you think about this patch…Kazham2013-07-16 10:44:12
Sanctuary Racing We have tryed the Sanctuary Racing, do you like it ?Sanctuary Racing, 4 winds patchKazham2013-07-15 18:01:21
Skyhammer, play with free fallBeware of the cliff !Skyhammer play with free fallKazham2013-07-14 15:49:15
Troll Of The Day ! Free Fall !Necromancers like trolling in WwW !Free Fall Troll !Kazham2013-07-12 10:23:48
Necromancer 1vs3 never give up !Hi there,Necromancer in sPvP can really make some god actions.See here : Necromancer 1vs3 never…Kazham2013-07-11 15:46:45
Updated for 7-9-13 patchWe haz data, and it is in :)Calthine2013-07-11 05:39:29
ScreenshotsWe have an issue with new screenshots showing up. They're out there, they're just not displaying.…Calthine2013-07-10 17:19:21
WoW Moviewatch: Malfurion & SylvanasIt's official! Malfurion & Sylvanas is a thing now. WIth the fourth wow gold episode officially…lindachx2013-07-10 06:58:19
Let's discover Skyhammer !New sPvP map, Skyhammer 06:19:06
GUILD WARS 2 HAS ALL THE $WAGNothing can contain the swag levels of this human ranger.…Corvusofmorlich2013-07-08 15:36:25
Doc Arena - Close Combat RangerHi gamers !sPvP is a great part of Guild Wars 2, so what about build ? Gameplay style ?Doctor Arena…Kazham2013-07-08 10:30:44
Skill Calculator not loadingThe Skill Calculator doesn't seem to be loading for me, I tried it on both Chrome and Mozilla.Lilyfay2013-07-01 09:07:46
Skill CalculatorI am having issues with getting any builds made out with the Skill Calculator or look at previous…nitrousten2013-06-29 02:01:52
GW2 Updates 25 Jun 2013how long will it be before the skill calculators correctly reflect the changes that ArenaNet made…Isende2013-06-26 13:58:22
appHi Guys, I?m looking for a new cool app that will help me meet someone. Can anyone recommend…umeed2013-06-16 14:35:02
Gen Forums hacked?Just joined looking for a good community as I'm new to GW2, however, all the latest posts are for…kerag2013-06-13 01:24:10
How to Farm 8 GW2 Gold in Two Hours in DungeonsRecently, several friends complaint about the matter that they cannot farm as much as gw2 gold like…millian2013-06-03 02:37:07 system update very happy,the system of ugw2gold could recover,now the players could BG normally.if there is…xiongyunqiang2013-05-31 06:02:55 points out strengthen has hacked for two times, security of this site is become a key point in the next…lindachx2013-05-29 03:29:35
GW2 ApiWill you be implementing the GW2 Api, since it's now been released?WynterArwyn2013-05-23 08:37:10
Duplicated pages…valkiria2013-04-25 10:36:11
Finding "Cinematic Weapon Short Bow Longface"Hi! I just wanted to know if anyone knows how to get this shortbow? :) Didn't say anything on…Rowyn2013-04-17 15:17:27
The poisoning and bleeding build of thief with short bowsource: poisoning and bleeding build of thief with short bow The build I introduce to you today is…castlewang2013-03-27 03:40:27
GW2 vs. WoWHey all, Im a WoW player with a big focus on pvp, and due to the constant advancing of WoW, PvP is…nickmess142013-03-21 23:27:57
The Dye System of Guild Wars 2source: The Dye System of Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 has very rich life skills. Even if you don?t…castlewang2013-03-12 01:54:05
GW2 Map OutdatedSeems the Guild Wars 2 map is outdated missing a lot of key points and the new dungeons etc...Havoc222013-03-03 14:47:51
[Feature request] Would love to see Mystic Forge Recipe sectionWhat mats are required and what it makes.ThanksGRiM2013-02-27 16:23:44
Usefull Items of GW2 #6 Pocket RockHi There,See this item : pocket rock, buyable for 40 copper you'll be able to knock out everyone…Kazham2013-02-19 02:42:27
Gold Giveaway (EU servers)Hello The Internet !For my friends, viewers and followers, I have launched a contest with 30++ gold…Kazham2013-02-16 08:24:13
Soloing professionHi guys,I'am very new to guild wars 2 before that i played only wow. More or less i like melees and…bocios2013-02-14 06:36:44