rangerRangers are proficient with the bow. They rely on a keen eye, a steady hand, and the power of nature to slay their targets. Their loyal pets, which rangers tame and train, distract enemies while the rangers strike safely from a distance. As an adventurer profession, rangers wear medium armor.

Good dog! Hold the enemy down while I shoot them! You get a biscuit!


The pet is available exclusively for the ranger profession. They are AI controlled allies that fight alongside the ranger and are maintained through a special user interface that can set basic behavior modes and activate a skill. Four pets can accompany the ranger in total, but only one pet will fight at a time. Rangers can switch pets during a fight to adapt to in-game situations. Furthermore, it is 2 pets for terrestrial combat, and 2 for aquatic combat. Some pets can be used in both areas, where some are unique to specific areas.

The pet's statistics, such as health, armor, damage, are based on the ranger who owns it. Pets have 4 skills; three shared by all pets in the same family of animals, one which is unique to that species of pet (e.g. polar bear or brown bear). Pets are tamed by finding a Juvenile (creature type here) and using your interact option, default being the F key.



  • The ranger is an adventurer profession and thus wears medium armor.

The ranger starts with an axe and harpoon gun.

Main HandOff HandTwo-handedAquatic
SwordAxeGreatswordHarpoon Gun
AxeDaggerLong BowSpear
TorchShort Bow


119 skills found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
"Protect Me"
"Search and Rescue"
"Search and Rescue"
"Sic 'Em"
Antitoxin Spray
Aqua Surge
LongbowWeapon Slot 5
Weapon Slot 5
TorchWeapon Slot 5
Call Lightning
Call of the Wild
WarhornWeapon Slot 5
Call of the Wild
WarhornWeapon Slot 5
Charm Rabbit
Weapon Slot 2
Cold Snap
Concussion Shot
Short BowWeapon Slot 5
Coral Shot
Harpoon GunWeapon Slot 2
Coral Shot
Weapon Slot 2
Counter Throw
SpearWeapon Slot 4
GreatswordWeapon Slot 3
Weapon Slot 3
SpearWeapon Slot 4
Crippling Shot
Short BowWeapon Slot 4
Crippling Talon
DaggerWeapon Slot 5
Crippling Talon
DaggerWeapon Slot 5
Crippling Throw
GreatswordWeapon Slot 4
Short BowWeapon Slot 1
SpearWeapon Slot 3
Evasive Strike
SpearWeapon Slot 1
Feeding Frenzy
Harpoon GunWeapon Slot 3
Feeding Frenzy
Weapon Slot 3
Flame Trap
Flame Trap
Frost Spirit
Frost Trap
Frost Trap
Heal as One
Healing Seed
Weapon Slot 1
Healing Spring
Hilt Bash
GreatswordWeapon Slot 2
Hilt Bash
Weapon Slot 5
Hornet Sting
SwordWeapon Slot 2
Hunter's Call
WarhornWeapon Slot 4
Hunter's Call
WarhornWeapon Slot 4
Hunter's Shot
Weapon Slot 3
Hunter's Shot
LongbowWeapon Slot 3
Ink Blast
Harpoon GunWeapon Slot 5
Ink Blast
Weapon Slot 5
SpearWeapon Slot 1
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By JuliaHB at 2012-09-20 23:16:52

Ranger Pets in GW2

Racial Starter Pets
Asura: Pink Moa, Jungle Stalker, or Marsh Drake (I would pick the Marsh Drake, as Jungle Stalkers are easy and plentiful, and Pink Moas can be found in Frick Hall in Rata Sum).
Charr: Carrion Devourer, Jungle Stalker, or Salamander Drake (start with either the Carrion Devourer, or Salamander Drake as you won't see them again until lvls 40-60).
Human: Brown Bear, Jungle Stalker, or River Drake (All human pets are pretty easy to get, so just pick what you like here).
Norn: Brown Bear, Alpine Wolf, or Snow Leopard (All Norn pets also pretty easy to acquire, so again pick what you like).
Sylvari: Blue Moa, Jungle Stalker, or Fern Hound (Start with the Blue Moa. Jungle Stalkers and Fern Hounds both can be found in Caledon Forest, but Blue Moas won't be seen again until lvl 45).

Note: These are the approximate area to find some of these Juvenile Animals...the levels listed in ( ) are for the whole zone. After that, I will put specifics on where I found each pet. ^_^
(all pets tamed are Juveniles of that species)

Eagle ? Kessex Hills, Earthlord's Gap (15-25): Lvl 18 area, found one Juvenile Eagle flying near the Gap Waypoint in the Earthlord's Gap area...
Kessex Hills, Sojourner's Way (15-25): Lvl 16 area, I found a Juvenile Eagle west of the Sojourner Waypoint, and another on a hill near some bandits, west of the Black Haven fort.
Gendarran Fields, Overlook Caverns (25-35): Lvl 29 area. Just west of the Overlook Caverns Vista, on a ridge I found 3 Juvenile Eagles.
Harathi Hinterlands, Wildspine Hills (35-45): Lvl 35-36 area. Just NNE of Grey Gritta's WP, I saw two JV eagles hovering around. There are some Warg and hostile Skritt also in the area.
Bloodtide Coast, Whisperwill Bogs (45-55)

Hawk ? Iron Marches, Ebbing Heart Run (50-60)

Owl ? Snowden Drifts, Song of Final Exile (15-25): Lvl 20. Found one right by the Exile Waypoint...this area could also be the "Valslake" location too, as I didn't see any other owls by the lake.
Snowden Drifts, Owl's Abattoir (15-25): Lvl 19-20 area. Right by the Owl Waypoint. There were 3 Juvenile Owls there.
Snowden Drifts, Valslake (15-25): See above comment for Song of Final Exile...if I do find any other Juvenile Owls by the lake, I will update.
Fireheart Rise, Highland Rise (60-70)

Raven ? Hoelbrak, Outside of Raven Lodge (1): Just to the left, outside the Raven Lodge, I found a Juvenile Raven.
Wayfarer Foothills, Snowlord's Gate (1-15): Lvl 2...easy. They are all over Raven's Shrine area, along with the sacred ravens.
Lornar's Pass, Refugee Peak (25-40): Lvl 30. Follow road N from Refugee Peak WP (it goes under a large rock), and as the road reemerges from the overhang, on the left, on a ledge, is one JV raven.

White Raven ? Hall of Monuments, 25 points

Boar ? Queensdale, Alter Brook Vale (1-17): They will be in between other boars in the lvl 8-9 range, sometimes there can be a Veteran Boar in there, so be careful.
Queensdale, The Heartwoods (1-17): Same as above.
Metrica Province, Artergon Woods (1-15): Level 11-ish area. Jungle Spiders and their Hatchlings are plentiful (not Juveniles), so be cautious taming a boar here if you are below lvl 10.

Pig ? Divinity's Reach, Ossan Quarter (1): West of the "O" in Ossan on the map, there are 3 Juvenile Pigs under a green tent, next to Hamri (a shopkeeper).
Queensdale, Township of Claypool (1-17): Lvl 8-10 area. Easy to get, as they are in pens in the town. But recommended level to get to Claypool, at least 8.
Lion's Arch, Farshore Ward (1): In a pen, near Syniad (a Karma Vendor).

Siamoth ? Rata Sum, Tark Hall (1): Easy! If you are not an Asura, take Waygate to Lion's Arch from your city, then the gate to Rata Sum. Lowest level, behind a "barrier" that can be jumped.
Brisban Wildlands, Venlin Vale (15-25): Lvl 16 area. From the Mrot Boru Waypoint, head northeast, and right under the words for Venlin Vale (on the map), you will find at least 3.

Warthog ? Diessa Plateau, The Blasted Moors (15-25): Lvl 18 area. Two Juvee Warties found east of Dyra Redtail's Task.
Diessa Plateau, Holystone Caves (15-25): Lvl 24. Not in the caves proper, but rather on a little rise SE of the "H" in Holystone (on the map). There was one Juvee Warthog here.
Diessa Plateau, Nemus Grove (15-25): Lvl 24. This was way south of the Holystone one, so I gave it it's own entry. One Warthog found W of the Vista and S of the Nemus Grove WP
Gendarran Fields, Vigilant Hills (25-35): Lvl 29-30. Right near the Vigilant Hills Vista, I found one Juvenile Warthog wandering around, and two more down the hill from there.

Alpine Wolf ? Hoelbrak, Wolf Lodge (1): Inside the Lodge, take a right up the stairs. Then about halfway on the right up another flight. Turn around and you'll see a "cave" with the Juveniles.
Wayfarer Foothills, Outcast's Cleft (1-15): Lvl 3-5 area. As to be expected, there are Juvenile Alpine Wolves at the Wolf Shrine.
Lornar's Pass, The Godspurs (25-40): Lvl 29-30. Just up the path from the Pinnacle Enclave WP, there is a cave on your left. One JV Alpine Wolf by it, and two more up the hill.

Fern Hound ? The Grove, Reckoner's Terrace (1): From the Reckoner's Waypoint, just a few steps north and east, I found one Juvenile Fern Hound.
The Grove, Scholar's Terrace (1): Again from the Reckoner's Waypoint, follow the path around to the Scholar's Terrace. There is another lone Juvenile Fern Hound here.
Caledon Forest, Trader's Green (1-15): Lvl 11 area. Just east and a little bit north of the Town of Cathal Waypoint. I found one Juvenile Fern Hound here.
Brisban Wildlands, Zinder Slope (15-25): Lvl 16 area. Closest waypoint is Watchful Source. From the Scout for this area head north up a slope. Five Juvenile Fern Hounds found.
Sparkfly Fen, Darkweather Rise (55-65)

Hyena ? Plains of Ashford, Gunbreach Hills (1-15): Lvl 3 area. Just north of the Village of Smokestead, lies the Gunbreach Hills. Found a Juvenile Hyena near Crucibis Forgeweld's task.
Plains of Ashford, Victor's Presidium (1-15): Lvl 6 area. Found one right by the Guardpoint Decimus Waypoint.

Krytan Drakehound ? Divinity's Reach, Rurikton (1): Between the Rurikton Waypoint and the Minister Wi's Mansion Point of Interest, a small courtyard with an angel stature holds 3 Juveniles.
Divinity's Reach, Western Commons (1): Above 2nd "m" in "Commons", there is one Juvenile Hound in the street, and 3 more in the courtyard behind it.
Lion's Arch, Western Ward (1): Easy. On the map, I found 3 by a small building in the Western Ward. (Kind of above the letter "n" in the word Western on the map).
Queensdale, Shire of Beetletun (1-17): Recommended lvl at least 10 to get to the Shire of Beetletun. But once there, easy to find the Juvenile hounds.
Gendarran Fields, Ascalon Settlement (25-35): Lvl 28 area. From Ascalon Settlement WP, head SW until you see a tent. Under the tent next to Kennelmaster Tarin are 3 JV Drakehounds.

Wolf ? Eternal Battleground, Umberglade Forest (80)

Black Moa ? Hall of Monuments, 15 points

Blue Moa ? Bloodtide Coast, Stormbluff Isle, North Side (45-55)
Bloodtide Coast, Flooded Castavall (45-55)

Pink Moa ? The Grove, Ronan's Bower (1): Exit the Waygate (if non-Sylvari). Take "elevator" from Marshaling Field to Ronan's Bower. The Juveniles are behind the elevator.
Caledon Forest, Ventry Bay (1-15): Lvl 9-10 area. East of Mabon Market, heading towards the Ventry Bay Vista, are some Juvenile Pink Moas.
Caledon Forest, Treemarch Estuary (1-15): Lvl 13-14. Northeast of the Hamlet of Annwen Waypoint, there is a sandy area with Pink Moas and Juveniles. Be cautious of the Hylek nearby.
Rata Sum, Frick Hall (1): Same lowest level that you find the Juvenile Siamoth on, make your way around until you see Trainer Gill (training some Pink Moas). Juveniles nearby.
Mount Maelstrom, Bard's Valley (60-70)

Red Moa ? Plains of Ashford, Agnos Gorge (1-15): Lvl 10 area. Found some on the east side of Agnos Gorge. (On the map, it is just a little north and east of the "e" in Gorge).
Plains of Ashford, Cadem Forest (1-15): Lvl 13-14 area. Found these Juveniles way south of Cadem Forest proper...just east of the Duskrend Overlook Waypoint.
Fireheart Rise, Apostate Wastes (60-70)

White Moa ? Snowden Drifts, Vitpeln Hills (15-25): I found a few Juvenile White Moas by Adult White Moas, just south of the Torstvedt Waypoint.
Lornar's Pass, Winterthaw Snowfield (25-40): Lvl 35 area. NNW of the Winterthaw WP, there is one JV White Moa near a pine tree, and NNE of that Moa, there is another.

Black Widow ? Hall of Monuments, 30 points

Cave Spider ? Lornar's Pass, Windy Cave (25-40): Lvl 28 area. I have done the complete jumping puzzle of Windy Cave, and have found no Juvenile Cave Spiders here. Will check again tho.
Lornar's Pass, Ironhammer's Crypt (25-40): Lvl 30. Literally, just inside the cave entrance! After killing the Ratnik outside, I walk in the "door" and there are two Juv Cave Spiders right there!
Harathi Hinterlands, Bonerattler Caverns (35-45): Lvl 35. From Faun's WP, head W and S following path into the Bonerattler Caverns. There were four Juvenile Cave Spiders right inside.

Forest Spider ? Queensdale, Queen's Forest (1-17): Lvl 9-11 area. On a hill southeast of the Hunting Lodge Task. Regular Forest Spiders bunched together with the Juvs, and a Champion too!
Gendarran Fields (25-35)
Iron Marches, Hellion Forest (50-60)

Jungle Spider ? Metrica Provence, Greyfern Expanses (1-15): Lvl 14-15 area. From Greyfern Waypoint, head down path towards Artegon Woods. Before bridge, take sharp right. Juvenile there.
Caledon Forest, The Rowanwoods (1-15): Lvl 14 area. From Kraitbane Haven Waypoint, head West, then North. I saw three Juveniles around some adult Jungle Spiders.
Caledon Forest, Morgan's Spiral, Jumping Puzzle (1-15): Lvl 3-4 area, but I'd be higher for the jumping puzzle. You have to complete the jumping puzzle to find the Spiders here.
Brisban Wildlands, Hidden Lake (15-25): Lvl 20-21 area, lots of bandits around, but found 2 Juvenile Spiders east of the Seraph Observers Waypoint, and two at the southern lake edge.
Sparkfly Fen, Orvar's Glen (55-65)

Arctodus ? Wayfarer Foothills, Moleberia (1-15): Lvl 11-12 area. A mine filled with Dredge and traps, but there are some Juvenile Arctodus in a "cage"-like area in the north part of the mine.
Wayfarer Foothills, Frusenfell Creek (1-15): Lvl 10-12 area. East and slightly south of the Vendrake's Homestead waypoint, there is a small cave. There can also be a Veteran in there so be cautious.
Lornar's Pass, Mistriven Gorge (25-40): Lvl 28. Just SE of the Ravenbeak Shrine, I found 3 Juvenile Arctodus milling about a couple of adults...

Black Bear ? Plains of Ashford, Charr's Triumph (1-15): Lvl 7-9 area. Found one a little jog south of the Victory Cenotaph Point of Interest.

Brown Bear ? Wayfarer Foothills, Borealis Forest (1-15): Lvl 5 area. In the cave at the Bear Shrine, there are a few Juvenile Brown Bears there.
Kessex Hills, Cereboth Canyon (15-25): Lvl 19-20 recommended. South of the Waypoint, around other bears (and one Veteran on the hillside), I found a lone Juvenile here.
Kessex Hills, Halacon Cataracts (15-25): Lvl 22-23 area. Found one Juv Brown Bear just south of the 2nd "c" in Cataracts, and another a little west and south in the field below.
Gendarran Fields, Talajian Piedmont (25-35): Lvl 26 here. From the Talajian WPm head SSE until you hit a little gully with a few ruins in it. Juvenile Brown Bears here.
Harathi Hinterlands, Hangman's Saddle (35-45): Lvl 35-36. WSW of Barricade Camp Waypoint, I found one Juvenile Brown Bear here, and another up on a hillside.
Murellow ? Brisban Wildlands, Brilitine Swath (15-25): Lvl 20 area. Tricky to find. West of the Brilitine Waypoint, in a cave area (enter from the south or north), you will find the Juvenile Murellows.

Polar Bear ? Hoelbrak, Lake Mourn (1) From the Waygate, head north, then west towards Hero's Compass. Keep heading west and there will be some on the southern edge of Lake Mourn.

Carrion Devourer ? Iron Marches, Champion's Shield (50-60)

Lashtail Devourer ? Black Citadel, Ruins of Rin (1): All the way in the corner, south and west of the "R" in Ruins.
Diessa Plateau, Arcovian Foothills (15-25): Lvl 22-23 area, one lone Juvenile Lashtail found NE of the Dawnright Estate Waypoint.
Diessa Plateau, Reaper's Corridor (15-25)

Whiptail Devourer ? Black Citadel, Ligacus Notos (1): Easiest way to get one. Head down to Ruins of Rin Waypoint, and go west and a little north (follow path towards Ligacus Notos).
Plains of Ashford, Cadem Forest (1-15): Lvl 14 area. Lots of Adult Whiptails around the Juveniles, so be cautious in taming here.
Plains of Ashford, Devourer's Mouth (1-15): Head north from the Greysteel Armory Waypoint, cross the bridge, and drop down into the gorge. They are in a pen with some female Lashtails.

Ice Drake ? Wayfarer Foothills, In river, between Grawlenfjord and Outcast's Cleft (1-15): Lvl 3-5. Head east from the Wolf Shrine and there will be some on the river bank.
Wayfarer Foothills, riverbanks near Darkriven Bluffs and Taigan Groves (1-15): Lvl 7-8 area. From Taigan Groves Waypoint, head east and south, across bridge, you will see them.
Snowden Drifts, Valslake (15-25): Lvl 20. Just east of the Valslake Waypoint, there were a couple of Juvenile Ice Drakes by some adults.

Marsh Drake ? Caledon Forest, Wychmire Swamp (1-15): Lvl 14-15. Very hostile area, Lots of Nightmare Court enemies along with adult Marsh Drakes. Just south of Twilight Arbor Waypoint.
Metrica Provence, Akk Wilds (1-15): Level 8-9 area. Juveniles can be found in the marsh (go figure) area near the Akk Wilds Waypoint)
Eternal Battleground, Jerrifer's Slough (80)

River Drake ? Queensdale, Western Divinity Dam (1-17): Fairly easy to get. Level 3-4 area. From the Orchard Waypoint, head north and they are in the River by the Dam).
Kessex Hills, Delanian Foothills (15-25): West and south of the Delanian Waypoint, this Lvl 16 area had one lone Juv River Drake among some Bog Skale and Adult River Drakes.
Diessa Plateau, Breachwater Lake (15-25): Lvl 24. Tricky, as you have to swim to a hidden PoI called Burntfur's Pool. Entrance is underwater behind thick plants. One JV Drake here.
Gendarran Fields, Lake Bounty (25-35): Lvl 28-29. There are a couple of Juvenile River Drakes on the Stonefish Beach Point of Interest.
Gendarran Fields, Witherflank River (25-35):
Bloodtide Coast, Firth of Revanion (45-55)

Salamander Drake ? Blazeridge Steppes, Tumok's Last Stand (40-50)

Jaguar ? Metrica Provence, Akk Wilds (1-15): Level 8-9 area. Regular Jaguars can "vanish" while you are attacking, and reappear close to you, so be cautious while looking for the Juveniles.

Jungle Stalker ? Caledon Forest, Sandycove Beach (1-15): Lvl 7-8 area. Just west of the Bay Haven Point of Interest, I saw some Juvenile Jungle Stalkers.
Caledon Forest, Willowalk Groves (1-15): Lvl 14 area. There are supposed to be some here, due south of the Lionguard fort...but I have not found them yet.
Lornar's Pass, The Godspurs (25-40): Lvl 30. Now this was odd, a Juvenile Jungle Stalker in the snow! Right outside the Pinnacle Enclave WP! Don't know if that is normal though...

Lynx ? Snowden Drifts, Hrothgar's Pass (15-25): Lvl 20-ish. Follow road East from Snowdrift Waypoint. Where road curves north, head NE off the road, and there are a few Juvenile Lynxes there.

Snow Leopard ? Hoelbrak, Peeta's Gate (1): From the Waypoint at Peeta's Gate, head north, then east, and down a flight of stairs. The Juvenile Snow Leopards will be on you left.
Wayfarer's Foothills, Borealis Forest (1-15): Lvl 3-5 area. There are a few Juveniles at the Snow Leopard shrine, near Shaman Sigarr.
Lornar's Pass, Nentor Valley (25-40): Lvl 27-28 area, found one lone Juvenile Snow Leopard SSE of the Vista, in a grove of trees.

Armor Fish:
Armor Fish ? Lion's Arch, The Bilge (1): Left side of the Trader's Forum but on right side of the Docks; swim through the tunnel, then down when you reach the first cross-section.
Sanguine Bay, between Grand Barrier Isle and Dredgehat Isle (?)

Blue Jellyfish ? Lion's Arch, Sanctum Harbor (1): I found one in the water of Sanctum Harbor near the Diverse Ledges Waypoint.

Red Jellyfish ? Rata Sum, Antidawn Ancorage (1): I just found regular Red Jellyfish here, but Juveniles probably spawn here, just like in the Dawnside Quay area.
Rata Sum, Dawnside Quay (1): Take Waygate from your home to Lion's Arch, then to Rata Sum. Then take gate for Dawnside Quay. Red Jellyfish in water right near the Waygate.

Rainbow Jellyfish ? Hall of Monuments, 20 points

Shark ? Kessex Hills, Viathan's Arm (15-25): Lvl 19-20 area, I found one lone Juvenile Shark swimming south of Triskell Quay Point of Interest. Beware the naga-like Kraits...they are all over.
Kessex Hills, Viathan Lake (15-25): Lvl 22-23 area. Found two swimming south of the Viathan Lake Point of Interest. Lots of Krait in the water, so be cautious if lower lvl...

Note: Now working on the 25-40 zones... Not many "new" pets to report now. Cave Spider will be found in this range...but I believe we still have Hawk, Blue Moa, Carrion Devourer, and Salamander Drake that have not been covered yet, and they are in lvl 45 zones and higher. As for the Wolf (and Marsh Drake), in the WvW BG, I am not really a PvPer, but I'll get in there as soon as I can to let you know the exact locations. Mostly now though, it is info on old pets, but new areas on where to find them! :-)

By HideousBeast at 2012-09-08 04:05:52
It should be noted that a Ranger is not a Hunter, despite the similarities. I was hesitant to start a ranger because I never really liked hunters on (that other game) but I tried it out and it is amazing. I use a sword with an axe off-hand and she is more like a ninja with a pet. I don't have much more to add this early in the game except don't rule out rangers exclusively as a distance damage dealer, they are very proficient as quick attack and evade melee fighters as well. The quick swap weapon feature makes them particularly deadly as they can change from ranged to melee in a heartbeat. The skill Search and Rescue also makes them a powerful ally in large scale battles.
By darkness2k at 2012-08-25 14:36:28
Very much looking forward to playing this character class - don't get many games where you can go and tame your own pet beasts to fight for you, and that's one of my favourite in-game activities! (As you can tell by my excessive amount of hunters...)
By Briars at 2012-08-28 02:35:22

having prepurchased the game, and maining as a Ranger, if you like hunter, you will love this class.

big ups to the diversity of boons/debuffs, pets (more so that WoW), support and utility. a lot of your utility skills are very very fun, whether soloing or grouping up.

By Ravedruid at 2012-09-09 06:42:44

Just a quick clarification:

Murellow - From the Brilitine Waypoint head south along the rock face for about 100 yards and then bear left (geographical east) once you are able. You will go about 50 yards and there will be a cave entrance on your left again (geographical north). It is a tiny cave that can be mistaken for a shallow niche do to its downward slope. The murellow is right inside.

I highly recommend this pet despite its rat-bear with dermatological issues appearance. Its F2 ability drops a poison cloud (combo field: poison) and using ricochet (combo finisher) while in the field combos poison on all three bounces. The standard ursine ability Defy Pain is just icing on the cake.

By Brunhill at 2013-10-07 00:11:15
i got to admit, sword with off hand of axe is super fun with primary being a long bow for distance shooting. This is going to be a fun toon to level I am sure!
By Brunhill at 2013-10-11 18:54:19
nice pet guide! I found and tamed the salamander drake on my level 17 Asura ranger by going to the WvW Northern Shiverpeaks Eternal battleground area, and found a family of salamander drakes down in the river outside of the Blue Keep. Picked off three adults one at time with my Arctodus bear until the juvenile was by himself. Easy Peasy.
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