thiefThieves are adept at the art of stealth. They utilize surprise and shadow to get close to their enemies, and they're deadly in one-on-one combat. They have an affinity for setting traps and going where they were never meant to go. As an adventurer profession, thieves wear medium armor.

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Thieves are able to Steal things from enemies, which they can then use as environmental weapons against them. In terms of game mechanics, the thief does not literally steal an item, but rather creates an environmental weapon based on the creature targeted, which the thief can store for later use.

Weapon skills have no cooldown; instead they use initiative, which allows the thief to chain attacks more quickly at the cost of being unable to act afterward for a longer time. Additionally, the thief is the only profession whose abilities change depending on your main hand / offhand weapon combination.



  • The thief is an adventurer profession and thus wears medium armor.


Main HandOff HandTwo-handedAquatic
SwordDagger Short BowHarpoon Gun
DaggerPistol Spear


92 skills found (50 displayed) – Try filtering your results
Antitoxin Spray
Assassin's Signet
DaggerWeapon Slot 2
Basilisk Venom
Black Powder
Weapon Slot 4
Blinding Powder
Body Shot
Weapon Slot 2
Break Stance
SpearWeapon Slot 3
Cheap Shot
Weapon Slot 2
Choking Gas
Short BowWeapon Slot 4
Cloak and Dagger
DaggerWeapon Slot 5
Cloak and Dagger
Weapon Slot 5
Cluster Bomb
Short BowWeapon Slot 2
Crippling Strike
SwordWeapon Slot 1
Dagger Storm
Dancing Dagger
Weapon Slot 4
Deadly Strike
SpearWeapon Slot 1
Death Blossom
Weapon Slot 3
Harpoon GunWeapon Slot 2
Destroy Shadow Trap
Detonate Cluster
Short BowWeapon Slot 2
Devourer Venom
Disabling Shot
Harpoon GunWeapon Slot 4
Disabling Shot
Short BowWeapon Slot 3
Diving Knife
Weapon Slot 1
Harpoon GunWeapon Slot 3
Flanking Strike
Weapon Slot 2
Flanking Strike
SwordWeapon Slot 3
Weapon Slot 4
Head Shot
Weapon Slot 5
Weapon Slot 2
Hide in Shadows
Weapon Slot 1
Ice Drake Venom
Ice Wurm Venom Trap
Infiltrator's Arrow
Short BowWeapon Slot 5
Infiltrator's Arrow
Short BowWeapon Slot 5
Infiltrator's Return
SwordWeapon Slot 2
Infiltrator's Signet
Infiltrator's Strike
SwordWeapon Slot 2
Ink Shot
Harpoon GunWeapon Slot 5
Weapon Slot 1
Larcenous Strike
SwordWeapon Slot 3
Lotus Strike
Weapon Slot 1
Needle Trap
Nine-Tailed Strike
Weapon Slot 3
Pistol Whip
SwordWeapon Slot 3
Pistol Whip
SwordWeapon Slot 3
5 comments found
By Tenjen at 2012-08-29 04:33:21

Let it be known. The thief, except in philosophy and essence, is not played like your general mmo rogue.

Our resource, inituative, you should know how it works as its explained up there, there are however multiple abilities that increase resource regeneration over time or add a static amount of resource when used. Use them well.

Stealth lasts only for a few seconds but this is offset by the fact that

1. Stealth is set off by multiple abilities off all types* and alters our spam (skill 1) ability into something more powerful (eg a backstab for daggers and a volley salvo for pistols) if used within those seconds. So we can keep shifting in and out of stealth in combat. We are constantly dropping target.

2. There is no stealth detection even in-front of the target, they can still hit us by shooting where we are or aoe-ing the entire area. but the former is avoidable and the latter is ineffective as aoe solo damage is usually lower, it does not break stealth, its expensive both resource and CD-wise for most classes to use on just 1 target for something that lasts a few seconds (even less since we should quickly use our special #1 ability) and occurs often.

(* Certain weapon combinations, steal, a heal skill thieves can choose, certain class skills (7-9) and combo/finishers)

Our 2nd, but not lesser, great ability is our shadowsteping. we have multiple abilities of all types* that teleport us either to and/or from an enemy, sometimes even combined with entering stealth.

(* Certain weapon combinations, steal, certain class skills (7-9) and combo/finishers)

This combination of constant shifting in and out of stealth along with shadow-steping back and forth (sometimes at the same time) greatly confuses enemy players . We have as much deception potential as mesmers. This also greatly enhances our abilities to avoid damage along with the usual dodging, combat dancing, stepping out of the damn way (we also have abilities that make us roll or jump away from danger a great distance much further than dodging can)

The shadow-stepping type often coincides with what is most advantageous to the weapon combination like (pistol/dagger can shadowstep you away and the reverse is vice versa, sword MH lets us mark a spot of ground for a limited time and teleports us to it when we use it again).

We can inflict conditions through our weapon and class skills such as bleeding, poisons, all sorts of movement immobilizing or slowing-effects, vulnerability. Poisons can come from weapon skills or the more CD-like poison class skills that imbue our next few weapon hits with a damaging poison that adds a condition like chill, reduced healing, vulnerability, etc.

Thieves do have support functions like party stealth/healing/cloud abilities that aid your allies and ofcourse cross-profession combo field generations (we can make smoke/dark/poison field types of both circle and wall shapes) that cause blindness, dark effects, poisoning, stealth as per the finisher used (read more on different combo fields and finisher combinations to know more). s,

Thieves, take note, almost ALL our weapon abilities are finishers of various types. Learn your finisher skills and how they interact with different fields! You shall be a GOD in a team.

And i haven't even started with traits, which can either boost or add an extra effect to our various abilities. But i wont get into that with this post.

By Orphen at 2012-09-08 17:27:00
Really awesome description and very helpful to new players like me, thanks.
By Jakobi at 2012-09-30 21:07:49

Thank you Tenjen for that well-written look into the thief profession. It takes a lot of skill to play a thief well (despite what some might claim in PvP). You can't just stand and tank most enemies like some of the other professions. You have to dodge, maneuver, and use stealth to gain an advantage.

I've posted links in the comment section of each stealth skill.
Just like your other "1" weapon skills, these don't cost initiative, so always try to use them to break out of stealth!
Dagger: Backstab
Sword: Tactical Strike
Pistol: Sneak Attack
Shortbow: Surprise Shot

Spear: Deadly Strike
Harpoon Gun: The Ripper

By unlucky13 at 2012-09-16 00:03:56
^---- A thief of 2 weeks, and loving it.
By FuzzyLogician at 2012-09-27 14:04:08
Does a signet activation break stealth?
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