The Charr are a race of large, savage, feline creatures that occupy much of eastern Tyria. They have renounced all gods as false and instead view all of life, from magic to combat, with a hard, cynical eye. Their culture has developed into a military state where they are raised as warriors from birth.

The Charr race was forged in the merciless crucible of war. It is all they know. War defines them, and their quest for dominion drives them ever onward. The weakling and the fool have no place among the Charr. Victory is all that matters, and it must be achieved by any means and at any cost.
? In-game description

During character creation, a player can customize a charr's physical appearance and answer three race specific biography questions which affect their personal story:

  • Which legion they are a part of.
    Ash Legion: They are famed for their spies, stalkers and assassins. Their imperator is Malice Swordshadow.
    Blood Legion: They are known for their prowess in traditional battlefield combat. Bangar Ruinbringer is their imperator.
    Iron Legion: They pioneered the development of the engineer profession, and so are recognized for their mechanical prowess, preferring to overwhelm their opponents in battle with Siege Towers or mighty Siege Devourers. Their capital is the Black Citadel, with Smodur the Unflinching as their imperator.
  • Who in their warband they are closest to.
  • What sort of character their father was.

Selecting a Charr character will start players off in the tutorial Rage of the Minotaurs where the players fight the restless Ascalonian ghosts.

The Charr home instance is in the Crucible of Eternity in the Honor of the Waves.
Charr racial skills reflect a war theme.


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By DANEgerous at 2012-09-14 19:04:07

Charr are a warlike race who focus on strength and engineering, as a culture they report to their legion three of which exist known as Blood, Iron and Ash all of which are in a rivalry that is more or less friendly. Under their legion they also all have a Warband they are placed into from a very young age these warbands last until they die off or until you do going in or out of one is a fairly large event and not taken lightly, contrary to many orders even newcomer to a warband or legion will hold have a fair amount of respect make no mistake while they can hold a grudge and be temperamental Charr are loyal to a fault. Charr are raised to in a military environment in which they have guns and can drink alcoholic beverages leaving some interesting conversations for the unattained human to overhear. They have no gods and bow to nothing.

Their general style his heavily influenced by industry, engineering and steam punk themes with fire, blades and cogs being used as elements in their armor and weapons. They have a color scheme of drab greys, metallic hues and warm overtones that you may want to consider when buying dye.

Their racial attacks are heavily DPS focused but like most things in Guild Wars 2 have a verity of uses and do not have a definitive best class to race combo.

By TheFire at 2012-09-07 00:57:28
DANEgerous posted whatever you need to know about the charr, but if you are just getting this game, GO CHARR! They are just so badass it's not even funny.
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