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Guild Wars 2 Sweepstakes?Is it normal that the "Enter now" button can be clicked any time (after I log in). It…Morgrak2012-09-13 17:40:22
What race/class will you be playing?As far as I'm aware, the Charr are the most popular race. I want to get a feel for what people will…shadownook2012-08-24 22:24:18
Post your charactersWell, despite being in almost as soon as the servers were up I had resort to mostly backup names. …drainyou2012-08-25 01:57:13
Guild Wars 2 Character Limit Only 5?Is there some way to create more than five characters? Making new characters is one of my favorite…FuzzyLogician2012-08-29 22:57:02
Bludwyng's Helpful HintsExploration - The waypoints are teleport destinationss but have a small fee (depending on…Bludwyng2012-09-07 21:58:45
Guildhead launches 3D Model ViewerThis is the discussion thread for our new 3D Model Viewer.fewyn2012-08-30 21:13:59
Guild Wars 2 is upon us!I just wanted to say hello to all the fellow Guild Wars 2 players that will play during the…Spl4sh3r2012-08-24 21:06:38
About AC and dungeons in general?Hi I have tryed AC 2 times now and it is just making me furious. It just seems chaotic and damage…Rogdan2012-08-31 09:23:58
Wow-to-GW2 Guide. (mostly terminology)Hai there, I'm Rankkorr, anyone who visits wowhead probably knows me, or has at least heard of me…rankkorr2012-08-26 08:50:22
Thank YouCongrats to the GuildHead team for getting this together in time for the GW2 launch. Just wanted…drainyou2012-08-24 22:17:04
Screen TearingI've been having ridiculous trouble with screen tearing my entire play-through. Blue horizontal…Kappajoe2012-09-02 18:00:10
Website TooltipsWill tooltip support be added?freebaser2012-08-25 06:46:31
What's your rig/video settings and how does GW2 run for you?I'm just curious what everyone's experience has been so far with the game. What kind of specs are…FuzzyLogician2012-09-13 14:25:26
How many people actually have the HoM orb?If people are telling the truth, it seems like 1 out of every 10 people actually has it.crovax30002012-08-24 23:42:08
What server to pick....I think the most populated will be Jade Quarry, based on the amount of guilds, so I'm staying away…Jupitor2012-08-24 22:18:34
Maps are displayed without iconsThe maps of Guild Wars will not work the second There is no quest icons. The card is blank. Why is…chibi2012-09-11 04:31:02
A couple of questionsHi,1 Salvaging itemsHow can I tell what I get from Salvaging it? There is no message or anything…lankybrit2012-09-11 10:22:07
Collecting DyesCan anyone answer me why Dyes aren't capable of being sent to your collectibles? It's a pretty big…kajeeubi2012-09-12 07:20:58
Where's the contribution competition gone?I've just noticed that there's no longer any information about the contribution topic on the front…Care2012-09-10 03:28:55
Servers are up!What are you doing here? Go play!Calthine2012-08-24 23:19:38
Guildhead Map problemsWhen trying to view I just get a blank page with a brownish…Zebitty2012-09-12 02:55:09
What is the pipe organ for in the Stronghold of Ebonhawke?There is a pipe organ that you can play just under the vista in the Stronghold of Ebonhawke. I…Paithan2012-09-03 06:31:44
Out of the kindness of your heartsHey i highly doubt that anyone will reply to this, but im desperate. I had been saving for GW2 for…GildedRoyalty2012-09-18 19:33:12
Music for playingHas anyone else made a playlist of music to listen to while playing tonight? I just got done…crovax30002012-08-24 22:13:48
Interact KeyI cannot be the only one that is completely annoyed by this.Why in the world is the key I use to…septor2012-09-07 19:23:05
What id like to see from the Skill Calculator.It looks pretty good, but there is a few things id like to see:1: The stats. Power, Precision,…Gramis2012-08-24 22:40:30
Ranger Pets have been added to the map!We've added Ranger Pets to our map tool so you can now easily find…fewyn2012-09-05 17:17:48
Please help me locate this recipe!Fur-Lined Helmet text says: "Fur…Artaios2012-09-05 20:46:54
Handy website for finding crafting materialsSo in my long, painful grind to 400, I was finding myself starved for fine crafting materials, as…crovax30002012-09-02 04:20:24
Rumors of TroubleBugged? Glitched? Or simply absurdly imba? Can't seem to get past even the first wave -_- Anyone…Zeliakis2012-08-30 00:29:16
Trading, or the lack there oftl:dr ~ Is there direct player-player trade in the 'functioning' system? (was in it…drainyou2012-09-01 01:33:04
Mystic CoinsWhat exactly are they for, what are they worth? Are they for level 80 only?akanibbles2012-09-16 20:24:14
Guildhead Client?I'm not entirely sure if there's a way to data collect in GW2, but is there a possibility there…quicksylver2012-08-24 22:44:25
Races and their racial skillsWhile checking on Guildhead's specific race page (Sylvari for an example), you will see a table…Patrick2012-09-05 15:00:38
WoW RPer looking for same in GW2Since the GW2 forums are down i figured i would post here. I am wondering if GW2 supports RP of any…EXAPuggeh2012-08-27 21:15:40
Military Guild Looking for Members Across All ServicesGood afternoon everyone. A group of sailors from my ship decided to start a guild on Eredon Terrace…blckhwk842012-09-10 11:58:56
Twilight and Sunlight Greatsword Legendary weapons (Includes Tooltips)Dontain uploaded the video to his youtube channel, check it out here.Here is a picture of Sunrise,…wFPwnz2012-08-26 14:20:44
Im starting GW2, and what race should I choose ?Well... I junt want a tip on what race should I choose, cause in WoW I spend lots of time in lots…evilghost2012-09-17 12:25:04
WoW player's Introduction to GW2I think it would be really neat if someone isn't already working on one, to start a guide comparing…Tywa2012-08-26 07:51:30
Introduction to the MesmerThe Mesmer is a powerful class, and my personal favorite for the ego-boost it provides. Who doesn't…Kappajoe2012-08-28 22:38:33
My Guardian transformtionHi. Can anyone tell me why during combat my Guardians sword changed and court on fire? I have…samson2012-08-31 19:00:21
contributions to guildheadSo we have a job ahead of us to provide quality information to guildhead, for eg, in the comments…Tenjen2012-08-25 07:24:38
Renown Task(Heart) Reward database?It would be very useful to have such a feature. Doubly useful for recipe unlocks. With the amount…GladiatorUA2012-08-30 04:00:09
Missing ScreenshotsI'm guessing this is related to the recent switch in item IDs, but have only seen official word on…Fionida2012-09-20 14:16:38
Screenshots for infiltrators arrowNow i've made a number of screen shots showing how infiltrators arrow works and doesnt work for the…Tenjen2012-08-30 08:18:40
More ForumsI understand the focus of the *head sites is the database and general tools but a full selection of…Zokudu2012-08-30 12:12:35
Trait Calculators Not SavingFirst off just wanna say its awesome you guys decided to branch into GW2, been a fan of your site…Mightylink2012-08-27 18:58:27
Question about Precision and Condition DamageNoticing a lot of items have +precision and +condition damage. Are bleeds, burns, etc, affected by…Aryeth2012-08-29 08:20:53
Comments wiped?Last night I finally looked up where to get kidney beans. I had hoped to find them through…Nkuvu2012-09-16 22:56:38
Recipes are messed upHi,Anyone home?Lots of recipes are messed up in that they're showing triple the amount of materials…lankybrit2012-11-01 17:00:40