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Blazeridge Steppes

The charr once ruled the Blazeridge Steppes, but the rising of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik left a corrupted swath across the land. Now the legions contend not only against the creatures of the Dragonbrand, but against the ogres who have come down from the mountains.


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By FormlessOne at 2012-09-04 09:41:21
Before you can use the cattlepult, an event must take place at that location in which harpies attempt to kill the cows gathered by the assistant. Fight off the harpies, conclude the event with cows remaining, and you will then be able to interact with the cattlepult for a short time.
By bldavis at 2012-08-29 19:03:58
after he uses up all the test subjects and is waiting on his assistant, interact with the cattlepult
By Freyr at 2012-09-25 15:53:21

Well, I was doing a lot of exploring and came up with a list of where most the jumping puzzles are from my exploits. Please see below for more info and hope this helps!

Jumping Puzzles by Area


Loreclaw Expanse, southeast Plains of Ashford
Grendich Gamble in Diessa Plateau
Breached Wall in Diessa Plateau
Craze?s Folly in Blazeridge Steppes
Behem Gauntlet located behind the spider cave east of Behem Waypoint.


Demongrub Pits, southeast Queensdale
Urmaug?s Secret ? in the northeast, starting behind Urmaug.
Troll?s End ? get up to Vista by Trader?s Forum Waypoint, fall off towards the southeast (look down to see the hole) and down a very narrow hole, swim to the underground tunnel.
Professor Portmatt?s Lab ? west of Sorrowful Waypoint underwater
Sharkmaw Caverns & Pirate Cultural Weapons, located behind the windmill at Farshore Ward, Lion?s Arch
The Collapsed Observatory, southeast Kessex Hills
Fawcett?s Bounty, north of Arca Lake, in the Northern Region of Harathi Hinterlands.

Tarnished Coast

Goemm?s Lab, eastern Metrica Province
Morgan?s Leap and Dark Reverie, at the Morgan?s Spiral skillpoint in Caledon Forest
Spekks? Laboratory located at the west end of the river northwest of Sandycove Beach in Caledon Forest
Spelunker?s Delve found south of Caer Verdant

Shiverpeak Mountains

King Jalis?s Refuge, central east area of Snowden Drifts
Shamans Rookery, north of The Osenfold Shear in Wayfarer Foothills
Only Zuhl found north of Foundation 86 Waypoint

The Mists

Mistwrought Vault, northwestern part of the borderlands
Emerald Sanctum (If the Mistwrought Vault is done in the Green Borderlands) ? Sanctum Puzzles are identical
Garnet Sanctum (If the Mistwrought Vault is done in the Red Borderlands)
Sapphire Sanctum (If the Mistwrought Vault is done in the Blue Borderlands)
Dungeon Puzzle, various keeps in Eternal Battlegrounds

Ruins of Orr

Antre of Adjournment
Chaos Crystal Cavern found near the Old Piken Ruins waypoint in Iron Marches

If I've missed any, I'll update my list. Thanks in advance and hope this helps!

By Quinine at 2012-09-30 16:03:33
The entrance to this zone can be found just north of Martyr's Waypoint in Plains of Ashford.
By Charcomander at 2012-08-27 11:39:40
How do you use the cattlepult?
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