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Ascalonian Catacombs

King Adelbern and his ghostly citizens have been foiled, but now, even darker entities roam the Ascalonian catacombs.


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By Hildebrandt at 2012-12-03 02:34:12

Did the third path yesterday and it wasn't that hard once you know what to do. First boss was pretty straightforward, she was a spiderqueen (only seventeeen). The S. Queen will start spawning little hatchlings pretty much the same as in Twilight Arbor Story. AoE the hatchlings and keep out of the poisoned areas.

Second boss is a tough bastard. Lieutenant Kohler has two little ghost friends, is located at the large pillared structure where you fight the Ghost King in Storymode and has an instakill ability very much like scorpion from Mortal Combat. Try and get rid of the adds first, meanwhile stay behind the pillars so he cannot pull you. Guardian, warrior or other characters who have no ranged should attempt to block when he does this (ca. every 20 seconds). Make sure you don't have a full wipe otherwise you'll have to start all over again.

When you finally kill Kholer and move on you have to go to the area where that annoying couple was in Storymode. Here you have to defend two devices that gather ghostly energy. Skelks will pop out of the ground spawning from burrows. Make sure you have either an engineer with turrets and the supply crate elite skill or a necromancer with a lot of minions defending only one, it will go slower to gather but your main focus should be to destroy the burrows. Once you completed this you will be turned into a ghost.
WARNING: Do not stand on the burrows itself. I did this and got stuck in the nearby staircase for the remainder of the battle, with no engi to defend one of the devices we were royally screwed and had to start all over again.

Next up is into an area that you haven't visited in story. Before you confront Colossus Rumblus you have to destroy some more burrows, take your time and do them one by one, it's quite easy.

After dealing with the skelk burrows you have to advance to the final boss. Clear everything around him (except the smaller skelks that are running behind him) and pull him out of the big plaza thing when the rest has been taken out. This one is also a nasty bugger but not as hard as kholer. He will make rocks fall on your head but they are preceded by the red circles you see with most traps or catapult flingings. Be sure to get behind him as soon as he does his shout ability as this is also a near instant kill. Once you kill Clossus Rumblus you are safe and sound, sit back and relax while watching the conversation between the party leader and the Asura and reap your rewards (60 ghostly tears or whatever it is, silver, karma and exp).

tip: when dealing with the skelks, focus on the big ones as they will spawn smaller ones.

Hope this helps.

By Creed at 2012-09-01 17:26:10
This map seems to be out of date. The lvl 15 renown heart "Help Lionguard Cern Safeguard the road" is now over on the eastern side of the map, near where the road begins to bend to the south.
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